Silver's Knitted Treats

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Silver's Treats

      Silver got her start with knitting almost 20 years ago.  Her first project was a scarf that her grandmother on her father's side cast on for her while she and Silver's Grandfather were visiting between trips on the road.  She and her grandmother try to get together as much as possible to knit together, even to this day!

      Silver believes the scarf ran away from her, it was such a disaster...  It took her almost 10 years to start doing other projects besides scarves, but when she discovered hats in 2011, her knitting has grown in leaps and bounds.  She has been on Ravelry since that time, and has logged over 300 individual projects. 

      She'll be the first to admit that knitting is her escape from the world, and the only way she knows to relax when she's worked up.  She will also admit that she is still practicing her craft, and that she will NEVER be done practicing.  Not even if you threaten to take her knitting needles away...

       Besides knitting, Silver loves the Supernatural in all it's forms.  She loves to read it, watches tons of paranormal TV shows & Horror movies, and has her own Vampire/Witch/Pirate Romantic series in the works.  Silver also does some cross-stitching, latch-hook work, scrapbooking, and gaming.  The last couple of things have been put aside recently, though...

      Silver is very social, and loves to talk to her family and friends as often as possible.  She will be more than willing to talk to you about anything, knitting included.  She loves to give back to her community, and does not hesitate to do so as often as she can.  She will be the first to make knitted hats for Preemies in her local hospital, or even for cancer patients. 

      Cancer charities/donations are VERY important to Silver, as her family has gotten hit hard with the disease.  Silver's husband was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma at the age of 21.  Her grandmother on her mom's side passed away from Ovarian cancer, after a long battle.  She promised her grandmother that she would do her best to give back as much as she was able, and now donates all remaining hats not purchased by the end of the year in both her husband and grandmother's names to local Oncology wings.

Thank you for coming by!  Silver would love to hear from you.  Feel free to drop her a line!


Hello there Knitting Fans!  Here are some of the projects I can do.  I'm willing to try anything you want/need me to do.  Those I have included here are the ones I've completed.  If you have any questions regarding any of my items, please feel free to contact me directly!    -Silver-


Shawls & Shawlettes are so light and pretty!  They've become my recent obsession!  :)  Here are a few that I've done.


I Create Blankets Too! ;) :

I make all sorts of Cowls as well!   Here are some of the styles I've done recently!


I've made some gloves and socks as well!


Little Things That I Found I Can Do:

I can makes all kinds of Hats, Scarves & Headbands:

(In any shape, size, and pattern.  Here are some examples)


Some Other Donations I've Made Over The Years:

Washcloths & Potholders

Past Individualized Projects For Clients: