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Silver's Corner

Owner, Knitter, Pattern Designer

Hello Everyone!  Sorry it's been a few months since I've had anything to show off.  I'm in the middle of a KAL (Stash Dash) and trying to finish a bunch of things for that is hard work.  I'm sure you've seen the twitter updates on my end as well.  I've started a weekly audio podcast with a bit of photos as well.  I show off what I'm working there, if you want to check me out there!  News, our Etsy shop will be hosting our 2nd Annual Kirby Drive items!  If you don't see something there you like, please let us know.  We'd be willing to make it for you! I'll leave you with a bit of what I have on my needles...


Mercury's Corner

Partner, Knitter, Pattern Designer, Binder Guardian

Autumn is just around the corner! I'm working on some cute Halloween hats you can use as low-key costumes and some adorable Halloween decor for your home, as well. Check this space soon! :)

I'm still plugging away on the Tetris blanket back... so much stockinette to do! Still, I'll get there eventually and then you'll have a great new pattern to peruse. Hopefully you'll like it!


Maddy's Corner

Partner, Crochet Master, Knitter

Hello everyone! I'm very happy to announce my return to yarn land! After quite a lengthy break due to some health issues, I am back with hooks in hand and in the next few weeks expect some very cute items coming from my small corner of a very talented group of women crafters!

I am currently working on a few items that were requested from a few friends that I'm going to be calling my Kawaii Collection ( pictures coming soon!)
As well as being very excited about a birthday gift from our very own Silver of a vintage pattern for a Lalylala doll (a German/Russian doll that even my Great Grandmother had) however the actual design will remain a secret as it will become a part of one of many limited Halloween items we will be creating this year!
I would like to thank all my ladies on here and all our customers and supporters for being patient until my return and am extremely grateful to be a part of such an inspiring and creative group.
Much Love,

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Kariohki's Corner

Partner, Crocheter, Artist, Knitter

Hats? HATS! With the weather getting colder it's time to make snuggly warm stuff to hats!


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